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When my family broke down on the exit near Greene's, we were pretty upset but David was friendly and extremely helpful on the phone and they sought to get us on our way as quickly as possible and even offered us rides to and from the the hotel. We were repaired in less than 24 hours and on our way safely.

Ryan K.

After having my F-250 at another mechanic for a week with no result I took my truck to Green's. They took my truck and got right back to me in a few hours. Ron explained exactly what was going on with my truck and how much it would be to repair it. He also explained the ramifications of what else they might find after they did the initial repair. He said some or all of the injectors might need to be replaced at a cost of $400.00 each. I told them to go ahead with the repair fully expecting to have to do at least on or two injectors. OK, here's what happened. 1 Ron said it would probably be Saturday or Monday before it was finished. They finished it Friday afternoon. Ron called me and said he would stay late if I needed him to so I could get it picked up. 2 It turns out NONE of the injectors were bad after they tested them. 3 They did several things to the truck and did not charge me any extra. 4 They charged me exactly what the written estimate was for. Not being a mechanic they could have taken advantage of the situation and did not. Ron did explained a couple of things that needed to be taken care of later. Being new to Columbus I needed to find a mechanic and trust and depend on. I believe I have. Thanks for a job well done and you will be seeing me the next time I need work done.

Steven B.

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